Creating impact by connecting different worlds and using education as a tool for opening up a world of opportunity.



AFW envisages a world where the use of technology, supported by the energy of compassion, drives a better, happier life for the next generation through enablement by education. We derive this vision from the inspirational life led by our guiding light - Ankur.

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AFW drives the vision by bringing together the resources and creating the environment needed to drive educational initiatives across borders. These resources are deployed with a focus on deriving the maximum impact in terms of improving the lives of as many children as possible. The multi sided mission works as an enabler and conduit for change makers, contributors, educationists, and on the field workers to create a high impact ecosystem.

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Bringing together worlds

The idea of bringing together worlds, so that people in far flung areas can positively influence others who need help and inspiration. Ankur's own journey across cultures and countries is the inspiration for this motivation.

Opening up a world of opportunity

Open up a world of opportunities for the under-priviledged, through education, within and outside their current circumstances. Ankur's academic focus and exemplary achievements is an inspiration for this motivation.

Viewing the world positively

With the right help and support, you can view the world as a far more positive place, and do your part to keep it that way. Ankur's tremendous positivity in his fight against cancer, is an inspiration for this motivation.